After School Program

The Si, Se Puede After School Program serves young people in grades 1-8 offering a safe space and consistent educational support. All Si, Se Puede participants are Lawrence residents for whom English is a second language. Great emphasis is placed on activities which are fundamental to young people’s early and continued success. Each year, we have witnessed significant improvement in participants’ school attendance, academic achievements and successful completion of high school.

Key features include:
  • One to one homework assistance
  • Access to computers, printers and the internet
  • Small group activities that encourage cooperation and creativity
  • Opportunities to take art classes at the Essex Art Center
  • Guidance for 8th graders transitioning into high school
  • Mentoring and support
  • Nutritious after school lunches
  • Field trips
if you would like to register your Active Learner for Si, Se Puede's Remote Afterschool Program for the 2020 /2021 school year, please click on the link below to access the registration form.
Print and complete the registration form. you can scan and email it to [email protected] or mail it to: 68 Melvin St. APt. 12-17, Lawrence, MA. 01841
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